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Rep. Stephanie Howse (11-Cleveland) and Rep. Michelle Lepore-Hagan (58-Youngstown) have introduced House Bill 408, which would create “buffer zones” at abortion clinics, preventing pro-lifers from sharing important information regarding abortion to clinic employees who would otherwise not be exposed to this information.  Additionally, pro-life groups such as Created Equal would be prohibited from educating the public about physicians who perform abortions.  These pro-abortion politicians have directly denegrated our outreach projects in two press conferences, implicitly establishing our organization as the primary target of this bill.  Listen to our National Director's comments on this legislation.

House Speaker Rosenberger,

We urge you to oppose House Bill 408 and fulfill your duty to the constitution and the rights of all Ohioans.  The sole objective of this bill is to criminalize the unpopular speech of certain Ohioans.  The First Amendment, however, protects the right of pro-life Ohioans to share accurate information about physicians who perform abortions, regardless of the popularity of that information.  American lawmakers and constitutional scholars—throughout our nation’s history—stand together in almost unanimous agreement that speech of this nature—however unpopular—is the very kind of speech for which the First Amendment of our Constitution was ratified to protect. 

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